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TL Safety provide Responsible Welding Coordinator Training

  • The Responsible Welding Co-Ordinator (RWC) is to ensure that all welding operations are executed to meet the requirements of the standards.
  • The RWC course (up to Exc Class 2) offers the candidate theoretical/practical training and examination to enable the candidate to undertake the role of the RWC or the Welding Co-ordinator.
  • The course is aimed at organisations who are involved in structural steelwork fabrication and those involved in steel or aluminium structures.
  • The course can be undertaken by managers, welding supervisors, workshop foremen, structural engineers, quality managers, welding inspections and experienced welders.
  • Candidates receive an RWC certificate following successful assessment.
  • Candidates who do not achieve successful assessment will be provided with a certificate of attendance.

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