Occupational Health

Health surveillance

Health surveillance is a key service designed to pick up early indications of specific work-related health conditions. It can also pick up non – work related conditions which when identified early, can reduce future poor health. You should identify any health surveillance requirements as part of your risk assessment process. Following your health screening a report will be provided for each employee seen, alongside anonymous statistics of findings and a spreadsheet to keep track of required review dates. Where relevant, recommendations to the employer may be made in the report.

On Site Services

  • Hearing test
  • Eye sight test
  • Lung function test
  • Skin checks
  • HAVs assessment
  • Blood pressure
  • Isocyanate biological testing
  • Management referrals

Occupational Health Services

  • ​Health assessments for new workers
  • Sickness absence management
  • Skin checks (dermatitis)
  • Night worker medicals
  • Fork lift truck medicals
  • Management referrals
  • Stress management
  • HAVs assessments
  • Lone worker assessments

When health surveillance is required

Employers have a duty to provide health surveillance were an employees is at risk from:-

Substances known to cause dermatitis or occupational asthma. A wide variety of solvents, chemicals, dust, fumes and biological agents. Noisy environments.

Work with vibrating tools and equipment.

Night shift work.

Health surveillance and occupational health services are delivered via our partnering organisation.

Occupational Hygiene Services

We also provide occupational hygiene services through our partnering organisations including:-
LEV testing
Air sampling
Dust and fume sampling

Contact us for any other occupational health services including those that are not listed above. These services are delivered by our partner organisations.

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